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RC Truck Stop Battery Info Article

New True Spec DV series packs in stock now:

Check out the Specials section we have select pack models on special until supplies last  

SMC has a reputation for providing consumers with quality products offered at an amazing price. Over the years, we have worked with many factories in China on a quest for the highest value lithium polymer batteries available. While we have been able to consistently provide high performance packs, finding RELIABLE high performance packs can be much trickier. In our experience, the chemical properties that make a high performance battery excel on the track aren't always conducive to the longevity and reliability of the pack. In recent years we have seen a tremendous amount of competition between manufacturers in China to produce less expensive packs. Unfortunately, it seems that the quality and reliability decreases with price. It's a constant challenge to find a good manufacturer and monitor them to be sure they maintain their quality. 
 With that said, SMC is happy to announce we have partnered with a reputable industrial lipo supplier wanting to enter the RC market. We have been working with this company for 8 months to develop a line of packs that combines performance and reliability with the industrial strength durability this company is famous for. After extensive testing and prototyping, we have released a line of packs that we feel combines all the positive attributes racers would want in a battery. 
 Why is our pricing so good?
1) We have direct relationships with the factories that manufacture our line of products.
2) We have eliminated the middle man by bypassing the flawed and costly RC distribution network.
3) We do not have a large, expensive race team traveling all over the world that we must support.
4) We maintain a small and efficient warehouse to maximize logistics.
5) We consolidate our incoming shipments with multiple companies to negotiate lower than average import freight rates.
By concentrating our efforts with a small R&D team, running a low-margin direct sales system, and working closely with our manufacturers, we can ensure consistent quality and superior performance across our product line....all at a cost that benefits our customers and frustrates our competitors. As racers ourselves, we offer back to the RC world what we expect from it- the best quality to price ratio available in the industry.