Due to demand we now accept pre-orders on models that are out of stock. This is done like a regular order where you must place the order and pay. At anytime if you want to cancel or change your pre-order contact us at orders@smc-racing.com and give us your order ID number and let us know you want it cancelled or changed. Orders will only ship once all items on pre-order are in stock. If you order a model in stock and a model on pre-order, the order will only ship once the out of stock model is in stock.

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At SMC, we specialize in high performance products designed for the most exacting racers and hobbyists. We seek suppliers that meet our standards for quality and performance and offer these products to you at incredible prices. Our product line is truly world class- exceeding other manufacturers over-hyped offerings for value across the board.

Why is our pricing so good?

1) We have direct relationships with the factories that manufacture our line of products.

2) We have eliminated the middle man by bypassing the flawed and costly RC distribution network.

3) We do not have a large, expensive race team traveling all over the world that we must support.

4) We maintain a small and efficient warehouse to maximize logistics.

5) We consolidate our incoming shipments with multiple companies to negotiate lower than average import freight rates.

By concentrating our efforts with a small R&D team, running a low-margin direct sales system, and working closely with our manufacturers, we can ensure consistent quality and superior performance across our product line....all at a cost that benefits our customers and frustrates our competitors. As racers ourselves, we offer back to the RC world what we expect from it- the best quality to price ratio available in the industry.